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"Celebrating The Legendary Blend" Wine Dinner
Photos by M. J. Wickham

The Mondavi Families: A Look Back
The Mondavi Family first started in the wine industry in 1919. These photos capture a fragment of the family's history over the years...

Mondavi Family Luncheon
Prior to creating the Legendary Blend, the Mondavi Families enjoyed lunch at Folio Winemakers' Studio in Napa. Present were Peter Mondavi, Sr. and Peter Mondavi, Jr. of Charles Krug Winery, Tim Mondavi and Marcia Mondavi Borger of Continuum Estate, Michael Mondavi of Folio Fine Wine Partners and Tylor Field, III of Morton's.

Creating the Legendary Blend
On February 24, 2010, the Mondavi Families and Tylor Field, III came together to create a very special blend that included wines from Charles Krug Winery, Continuum Estate and Folio Fine Wine Partners. They bottled only two 27-Liter bottles! This has never been done before in their family's history, and Morton's is thrilled to offer these two bottles as auction items in conjunction with 'Celebrating the Legendary Blend'. 100 percent of the auction proceeds with benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Charles Krug Winery
Tylor Field, III interviewed Peter Mondavi, Sr. and Peter Mondavi, Jr. at the Carriage House, where the broadcast for 'Celebrating the Legendary Blend' will originate. This historic landmark was built by Charles Krug in 1881 and has since been refinished with old-growth redwood recovered from wine tanks installed by Cesare and Rosa Mondavi in 1943! (Marc Mondavi was unavailable during this visit, but Tylor caught up with him a couple of months later!)

Continuum Estate
Tim Mondavi and Marcia Mondavi Borger welcomed Tylor Field, III to their picturesque estate on top of Pritchard Hill. The clouds parted for a portion of the interview, which made this breath-taking setting even more remarkable.
Here's a clip from Tylor's interview with Tim Mondavi.

Folio Fine Wine Partners
Folio Winemakers' Studio is an idyllic location in Napa, and home to the Barrel Room where the Mondavi Family blend took place. Michael Mondavi spoke with Tylor Field, III on a porch overlooking the vineyards and talked about this family's wine business.
Here's a clip from his interview.