I was not looking forward to this event. My son is an avid Redskin fan and this was for him. I thought this would be a cattle call, get in, eat, and get out. As it turned out it was a classy well done event. This is Morton's and I should have known better. Thank you for an enjoyable time and I am not even a Redskin fan.

The real reason for this response is for Kate Scafidi. My son recently had back surgery at Johns Hopkins he was on the table for 12 hours and is lucky to be alive. I had called ahead of time to make sure we had a seat in an area where my son could get up and move around without bothering other people. Not only did Kate take care of my son's needs but she made sure that Mrs. Manley sat next to my son. My son has been a fan since he was 5 years old, he is now 33. He was like the child let loose in the proverbial candy store. I'm sure there were other die hard fans there, who were just as deserving, but that the extra effort was made in behalf of my son was really above and beyond the call of duty.

I have been eating at Morton's for most of my adult life, special occasions, my wedding dinner, business, and just to eat out, I have never been disappointed. But this time was really special. My sincere thanks to all who had a part in luncheon, especially Kate and her extra effort.

Lunch with a Legend - Washington DC Guest